Nice guys finish last

Nice guys finish last

Many people believe the old adage that “nice guys finish last”.  This week I was happy to come across a story that shows it doesn’t always have to be that way.

In my older, wiser years, I have learned (often from the hard way) that it’s more important who I am than what I do. So this story really touched me when I heard how this 18 year old reacted to an interview question.

The story goes a little like this:

When I was 18 I had an interview to be a Subway manager. It’s not a big time paying job, but for a community college student it was a big opportunity.

During the interview, I was asked the basic questions. The interviewer told me what a big responsibility this job was, and they were searching for the most mature, respectful possible candidate with a solid character. They told me there would be plenty of unhappy customers that I would have to keep my cool with. Then, suddenly, they asked me a really … strange question.

“You receive a call from one of your employees and he tells you his mother is sick and he would like the day off work today. You don’t have any other available workers for his shift. Would you call him in to work?”

I quickly thought of an answer. The best I could think of was saying:

“Well, in that case where I had no available workers, I would tell him not to come in to work and I would work double time to cover his shift.”

The interviewer smiled, then told me the interview was over. They would be in contact.

I totally thought I bombed the interview right then and there. It was going so well until that question.

The next day I got a phone call. I got the job.

For months I wondered why they asked me that question. I built a good friendship with my boss, who was the interviewer, and eventually built up the confidence to ask him why he asked me that question in the interview.

He told me: “I wanted to judge your subconscious character.”

He elaborated. “There wasn’t enough time to craft a perfect answer to that question – in fact, there was no “right” answer.”

He told how he wanted to see how my thought process worked with my personality. Saying, that If I had a jerk personality, it would directly influence my decision making.

He explained to me that people with egotistical and narcissistic personalities do not have the ability to make clear, fair, and concise decisions in positions of power. My boss told me that every other candidate he interviewed used their position of power to enforce the rules and make the employee come in to work.

He said to me. “It wasn’t about that, though. It was about your character, your personality, your heart, and how it would influence your decision making”.

When I read this I thought it was genius.  What a great way to decipher someone’s character, personality, and heart!

Hiring from the heart

Often people’s true colours only show when the heat is on.

Unfortunately by that time it’s often too late and the hire has been made.  At Authentic we get to know everyone we work with on a personal level, both employers and candidates.

It is our ethos to not recommend any hire we wouldn’t personally make ourselves.  We believe that healthy relationships make work worthwhile, and lets face it, more fun too.

We’re always looking to partner with companies who have the same heart as us.  We don’t charge for a chat, nor do we charge for recommendations.  So if you are in the process of hiring then why not give us a call and tell us a little more about your company culture and the type of person you are looking for.

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