Nude Sunbathing

Nude Sunbathing

In a week that has seen UK temperatures soar to the highest levels in 40 years, most of us have been caught a off-guard and become a little red-faced.  And this week that is what happened to a South Korean web hosting company.  Nayana have just forked out $1m in BitCoin after being effected by ransom-ware.  The hackers had initially demanded a reported $4.4m to return data back to the company, the largest ransom-ware demand ever.

Stories like this are great to share with clients, and potential clients as they show the importance of working with MSP’s like you.  Other recent high profile ransom-ware attacks include University College London, and the NHS.

Cover up and stay protected!

Adam Kujawa,  Director of Malware Intelligence at Malwarebytes recently said,

“Ransomware has been a big problem in the small business world and that has not changed,”  Kujawa says. “We’ve seen a 231 percent increase in incidences between Q1 2016 and Q1 2017.”

At Authentic we’re always looking to strengthen our partnerships and add value to our relationships.  And we believe this would be a great opportunity for you to develop new business opportunities as many businesses look to ensure their data is safe, and their systems are secure.

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