SaaS companies killing the competition!

This year is set to be another bumper year for the cloud service provider (CSP) industry. Growth is expected to rise 18% to £198.1bn. Research indicates that in 2017 software as a service (SaaS) will overtake business process as a service (BPaaS) as the number one market sector, by market size, outside of cloud advertising services, whilst […]

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Sheffield: Heart of the Digital Revolution?

It’s an exciting time for Sheffield – every passing week sees the latest swathe of pop-up cafés and independent eating spots hit the Steel City’s streets. But the gastro-boom isn’t the only thing thriving in the heart of the city; could Sheffield become the North’s digital stronghold? If the start of the year’s anything to […]

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SEO career path options | Tips from SEO recruiter, Edwin Howe

SEO career path - an image of a job advert looking for an SEO manager

The exciting (and perhaps daunting) thing about SEO is that there’s no clear, single or defined SEO career path. The industry itself is still relatively young – about 17 years old. Yet it contains many successful professionals from a range of different backgrounds. It doesn’t seem to matter too much whether you did Marketing, English, […]

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Top Tech Skills in 2017: What are UK employers looking for? (New LinkedIn research)

The latest research from LinkedIn has been released. Following an analysis of job application data from 14 countries, we can reveal the top skills UK employers are looking for in up-and-coming tech stars. Top Tech Skills 2017: The Top 10 according to LinkedIn (infographic) Adapted from: Catherine Fisher, Director of Corporate Communications, LinkedIn (Oct. 20th […]

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4 Reasons Marketing Managers Don’t Get Promoted

marketing manager promotion opportunities - a picture of a failed interview

1. You are missing key marketing skills & experience Every marketer should be growing their digital, communication and creative skills if they want to climb the career ladder. Marketing manager promotion opportunities pass by fairly infrequently, so you need to be actively preparing for when they do come up. Are you a marketing executive wanting […]

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Digital Marketing Recruiter Joins Authentic: Welcome Edwin Howe!

You recently moved up from Bristol to Sheffield. How did that all go? The move was stressful, I’ll admit! I had to sign for a house and move my belongings up by train over the course of a weekend. Thankfully it all went off without a hitch. Mainly I owe this to a very supportive […]

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Sheffield App Developer expands to China | Appt talks to Authentic

Anna and John from Appt (Sheffield app developer)

Appt is an exciting app development company based in Sheffield. Anything from web-based management apps to funky social media mobile apps, they’re the ones to talk to! Anna Bollinger, Co-Founder of Appt (along with her husband Jon), spoke with Authentic Recruitment about their plans for growth this year. Excitingly, they have bold intentions to expand […]

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What is “Love”? Primary school children share their answers

Sometimes children come out with the best lines in the world. As a new dad myself, I’m really looking forward to some of the gems that will come out of my daughter’s mouth one day! If Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” taught us anything, it’s that great words and deeds can come from even the smallest person. […]

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Sheffield Startups to Watch: Authentic interviews Tutora, E-learning company (Part I)

Authentic talks SaaS recruitment and growth plans with Tutora

Tutora is a digital education company based in Sheffield. They assist students and parents from all walks of life, specifically by helping them find an excellent private tutor. Scott Woodley, Co-Founder of Tutora (along with his colleague Mark), spoke with Authentic Recruitment regarding their story and plans for 2017. As consultants who focus on technical […]

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