Could zombies overrun West Yorkshire? This Wakefield data analyst has the answer

Wakefield data analyst examines how long it would take for zombies to overrun West Yorkshire.

What’s the most audacious thing you’ve ever done in a job interview? Did you crack a slightly inappropriate joke? Perhaps you were a bit avant-garde with your dress sense? Did you mention zombies in your interview?? One of the best stories we’ve come across involves Greg from DataConsulting, a client of ours in Wakefield. We’ve […]

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Why I joined Authentic | Interview with Jamie Griggs

Jamie Griggs discusses joining Authentic and digital recruitment Sheffield

Ben Woollard, Director of Authentic Recruitment, interviews our new team member and senior recruiter Jamie Griggs. Ben: Welcome Jamie. What’s the best thing that’s happened for you so far in 2017? Jamie: It has already been a busy few weeks. I have recently moved into a new home. With the arrival of Teddy (Edward), our […]

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Manchester App Developers Share their Top 5 Productivity Tools

A picture of two mobile phones and some graphs on two sheets, showing the work Manchester app developers do

Authentic invited two Manchester app developers to share their top 5 productivity tools. Find out how to write better code and manage your time more effectively. Ben Woollard, our Director, interviews Rick I. and Peter S. below. 1. Asana Ben: Rick you’ve listed Asana as a top productivity tool choice. Tell me, why do you […]

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2016 Review: 8 Great Things That Happened at Authentic Recruitment

1. Phil joined the team Phil moved up from Watford, Hertfordshire, all the way to Sheffield to take on the role of Marketing Manager here at Authentic. He also brought some unique tastes to the office, with his notable love for powerlifting and strategy gaming. Perhaps the most memorable moment of Phil was when a […]

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We’re in the News! Ben Woollard gives pastoral care to suffering

A Sheffield couple has launched a new initiative, giving pastoral care to A&E patients at Northern General Hospital. Ben and Amanda Woollard started the project – ED Pastors – to work as an extension of the hospital’s chaplaincy department, providing a team of trained volunteers who are available to patients of all backgrounds and faiths. […]

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Interview Question You Can’t Answer? 3 Quick Tips on What to do

No matter how well you prepare, it will almost certainly happen to you. Somewhere during the course of your job interview, your potential future employer asks you a question that you can’t answer. This situation can be quite a distressing experience, even for the most seasoned of job seekers. Sometimes you actually do know the […]

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Prince Harry, Ellie Goulding And Dealing With Personal Questions At Work

The following represents the views of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of Authentic Recruitment. The recent story about Prince Harry and Ellie Golding has got me thinking. On the one hand, it’s got me thinking about our culture. It seems so natural and acceptable to ask personal questions to celebrities and […]

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6 Ways to Keep Your Job Search a Secret

Considering a career move? Want to keep it under wraps? If so, then you’re very wise. Broadcasting your job search is a monumentally-bad idea, especially if your plans don’t work out. Yet in this age of widespread information availability and social media, it’s all too easy to get discovered by your employer or colleagues due […]

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Why I came Back to Authentic, by Matthew Franklin

Leaving a company is always nerve-wracking. There’s the handing in of notice. The goodbyes with colleagues and friends, and a leap into the great unknown of a new role. Then there’s starting in the new job with all its possible pitfalls, meeting a new team, settling in and learning all the different ways your new […]

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8 Great Interview Questions to ask Candidates

Surviving Office Politics: How to be a Better Communicator. Two colleagues have an intense discussion over a project. Shows the importance of effective communication, especially when disagreements occur.

Most of your job applicants will be silently wondering what sort of questions you’ll be asking them in their interview. However, they might not know that you may be wondering the same thing! The purpose of interview questions is to unearth the nature of the person behind the CV. You’re looking to discover their strengths, […]

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