Results: The 2016 IT Professionals Survey

Since we work largely with IT support engineers, technicians, analysts and the like, it helps every now and then to stop and observe the landscape we inhabit here at Authentic. We asked over 1,000 1st line, 2nd and 3rd line IT technicians for their views on their current job situation, as well as their future career […]

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5 Keys For Progressing Your Career in Marketing

How to progress your career in marketing. A young woman and a young man discuss the former's progression in her new marketing role.

Are you looking to get into marketing as a career? Or maybe you’ve been a marketing professional for a short while now, but you’re looking to progress to the next level? Here at Authentic Recruitment, we regularly place strong candidates in marketing executive and management positions with innovative, exciting companies. In our years of recruiting such individuals, we’ve […]

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What You Shouldn’t Put On Your CV

What You Shouldn’t Put On Your CV. Two prospective employers dissect a candidate's CV in an interview.

Curriculum vitaes are the first things a potential employer will see from you. The CV is a gateway to getting that all important interview, and one step closer to getting the job. But what should you avoid on your CV that could leave you missing out? Bad Spelling and Grammar Even if the role doesn’t […]

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11 Late-To-Interview Reasons That Turned Out To Be True

11 Late-To-Interview Reasons That Turned Out To Be True. A businesswoman looks at her watch and is on the phone.

Things don’t always go as planned, and it just feels like the universe is doing everything it can to mess up your schedule. Here are eleven real excuses candidates made for turning up late to their interview:   “I was late because I was at another job interview.”   “My cat had the hiccups.”   “I […]

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Affirmation Over Competition: An Employer’s Perspective

Affirmation Over Competition: An Employer’s Perspective. Image shows a young male athlete being applauded by supporters as he reaches the finishing line of a running race.

As an employer, you want your business to succeed. If all of your workers are competing against each other, it makes for a negative atmosphere in the workplace. The definition of affirmation is “emotional support or encouragement.” Use affirmation to let all of your employees know that you appreciate them. Tell them how much of […]

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5 Essential Traits of a Great IT Support Engineer

Infographic showing 5 Essential Traits needed to be an IT Support Engineer

Perhaps you’re looking to move into a career as an IT Support Engineer. Or maybe you’re already serving on the helpdesk, but are looking to progress things to the next level. If so, it never hurts to look at some of the qualities employers are looking for when you’re looking to make your next big […]

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Interview with Miriam – Consultant for IT Support Engineers

Picture of Miriam; IT and Technical Consultant at Authentic Recruitment.

Miriam has now been with us for a little over 2 months, so we though it was high time to get an interview with her up on our website! Miriam is a recruitment consultant here at Authentic, working mainly with IT support engineer candidates to help them progress their careers at reputable, growing technical firms […]

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What Hitchhiking Taught Me About Sales

Our business recently embarked on a charity challenge; leaving the business in the capable hands of our team, my co-director and I took a one way flight to Barcelona on a Thursday night with the aim to cover the 1600 miles and be back in the office for the Monday. In hindsight this was slightly […]

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Toilet Talk | Innovating in Business

Every time I use ‘the gents’, I’m reminded of the need to keep innovating in business. Here’s why: A number of years ago I was out for a casual drink with some friends when one of our party came back from using the facilities. Before he had even sat down he was exclaiming that we […]

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