Recruiting properly is an investment

By putting effort, expertise and expense into the early stages of the recruitment process we provide our customers with engaged employees that are going to provide an on-going return on investment. One of our favourite sayings is that you don’t build a business, instead you build fantastic staff and they build the business for you. Our aim is to introduce you to the best candidates in the marketplace so that you can grow your business and stand out from your competition.

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“We usually work from a PSL, however, I decided to give Authentic Recruitment the opportunity and see what they could deliver. Immediately I saw the difference, even the thought and work that had gone into presenting the CV’s had a touch of elegance. I was pleasantly surprised to find that within two candidates offered, we had chosen and employed.”

Technical Director

“I would recommend Authentic Recruitment’s services to any company searching for new staff, we were extremely pleased with our experience from start to finish.”

Operations Director

Commercial Recruitment


There is nothing we like more than finding under-appreciated sales people and placing them in businesses where they outperform expectations and add supreme value to their team. Time and time again we’ve had the pleasure of placing sales people in businesses and watching them flourish to both their and their employers benefit.

Sales people are the front line, the back bone and the cutting edge of any organisation. They have to be focused, committed and relational in order to succeed and the economy depends on them to present products and services old and new.

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  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Web Agency Lead Generator
  • Telesales Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Business Development Executive
  • Field Sales Representative
  • Key Account Manager
  • Digital Sales Executive
  • Technical Pre-Sales


Our relationship with Universities across the U.K. means that we are in touch with graduates across a spectrum of disciplines. Our most in-demand service is our “engaging graduates” programme, where we work on a project management basis with medium to large sized businesses who don’t have an internal graduate scheme to provide them with an effective and successful one.

To find out how your business could benefit from this popular service simply get in touch. We also work with businesses to fill graduate vacancies on an individual basis.

  • Engineering (Mech & Aerospace)
  • Aviation
  • Internet security
  • Software development
  • Data analysis
  • Sale
  • Marketing
  • Management

I.T., Digital & SEO


It’s true, the future belongs to the genius, the geek, the analyst, coder and the humble I.T. technician. They keep us on track, they are the architects, designers and master craftsmen and women of the modern world. From our inception Authentic has recognised that the way businesses operate is undergoing a seismic shift towards the technical, that I.T. is business critical like never before.

That’s why we have built our reputation on providing our partners with outstanding technical team members with the skills to take them to the next level.

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  • 3rd line engineer
  • 2nd line engineer
  • 1st line engineer
  • Technical Pre-sales specialist
  • Network engineers
  • Solutions architect
  • Managed Service Sales Executive
  • Web developers (PHP/.Net)
  • Coders
  • Web development architects
  • SEO specialists
  • Web Designers


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