Ultimate Endurance Award Winners: Master Cutler’s Challenge 2014.

The Master Cutler’s Challenge gave local businesses a small amount of money. The challenge: to turn that money into more money for charity. The directors decided on a sponsored hitchhike in memory of a 25 day hitchhike they had done during their student days. They got a one way ticket to Barcelona on a Thursday evening and had to make it back to Sheffield as quickly as possible without spending a penny on travel (including the ferry crossing back to the U.K.).

Prison Mentoring

As a business Authentic Recruitment has given significant money, time and effort into supporting and mentoring offenders in Yorkshire prisons. With a passion for coaching gained from his early career getting long term unemployed people into work Ben has had the opportunity to meet offenders on both sides of the bars and encourage and support them as they start afresh.

Asylum Seeker Support

We’ve had a number of asylum seekers referred to us and we’ve been able to coach them in our offices, help them build CVs that rightfully boast their skills and arrange interviews on their behalf. We have found them to be some of the most grateful and welcoming individuals we’ve had the pleasure of working with. The exotic foods they have brought in have just been a bonus!


“Your candidate is doing very well, she has already hit her monthly target in 3 weeks. She is clearly a bit nuts, but in a good way that can be channeled into becoming a success.”

Sales Manager

“I have just spoken to our MD and we’ve agreed that your candidate is one of the best telesales agents we’ve had in a very long while.”

HR Manager

“Lots of agencies struggle to find the type of people we are looking for but you seem to get it just right.”

HR Manager


“Your candidate has hit five times her target in her first month, at this rate she’s going to make me very successful.”

Sales Team Leader

“Fantastic service; if the rest of your candidates are half as good as the one we employed we’d be more than happy to continue working with you.”

Technical Manager

“I would recommend Authentic Recruitment’s services to any company searching for new staff, we were extremely pleased with our experience from start to finish.”



“We usually work from a PSL, however, I decided to give Authentic Recruitment the opportunity and see what they could deliver. Immediately I saw the difference, even the thought and work that had gone into presenting the CV’s had a touch of elegance. I was pleasantly surprised to find that within two candidates offered, we had chosen and employed.”

Technical Director

“Thanks again for all the support you provided, of all the recruitment agencies I’ve had dealings with yours is by far the best.”

Field Sales Candidate

“I honestly can’t thank the Authentic Team enough. I’ve settled in very quickly here and it’s an absolutely fantastic job. Clichéd but in a morning when I wake up I no longer think “eurgh, I have to go to work”

Business Development Candidate