CrewKit HR

What’s the single biggest cost to your business?

It’s your people.

What if you could bring that cost down by systemising your essential HR tasks using a clear, online software solution?

What if you could increase your employee engagement and productivity through proactive, data-driven HR strategies?

What if you could avoid expensive, stressful staff disputes by having unlimited access to expert employment law advice?

We’ve created CrewKit to meet all of these HR needs, and more, through one comprehensive package – saving you time and money.




Employee Handbook

£14.50 / employee / mo

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Integrated HR Solution

Updated Employee Handbook
Contract Updates
HR Pack


£27.50 / employee / mo

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Full HR & Legal Package

Unlimited Legal Advice
Motivation Surveys
Salary & Benefit Reporting


Big Business

£38.50 / employee / mo

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Total HR Solution

Unlimited Retention Helpline
LinkedIn & Database Protection
Pre-Tribunal Advice


  Basic Essential Professional
Full HR Pack (including contract updates)
HR Health Check
Retention Review
Employment Law Advice 30 mins
Employee Handbook
LinkedIn & Database Protection
HR Advice
Cease and Desist
Employee Motivation Survey
Digital/I.T./Sales intellectual property protection
Auto Enrolment Pension Support
Team Review and Target Setting
Employment Tribunal

Features to suit your business

A vital service and outstanding value for money

Rolling Contract

Unlimited Legal Support

HR Expertise

Modern Contractual Procedures

Business Protection

Employee Longevity

Why You Need:

  • A Full HR Health Check
    Having a sound HR policy is the key to having a business where employees feel engaged. Being up-to-date with modern employment law protects your business. Our specialists will perform a full audit of your current policies and practices, enabling us to bring you completely up-to-date with the latest legislation and achieve legal compliance. The result;you won’t be caught out by outdated contractual procedures and your employees will know where they stand.
  • An Employee Handbook
    Have you got an effective employee handbook which helps induct and engage your staff? Handbooks and manuals have traditionally been a what-not-to-do list for employees with employers relying on them to protect their assets. Not having an employee handbook could put your business at risk; there is a legal requirement to administer your employees with conditions of their employment.A handbook is also the perfect opportunity to communicate company guidelines outside of standard policies and procedures required by law including but not limited to social media best practice and dress code. By putting clear expectations in place, employees can be more engaged with their role and your business, driving your success.Are you and your employees getting the most out of your handbooks? Here at Authentic we offer a personalised approach to these essential documents. We will provide you with an individual consultation to discuss key business objectives as well as offering resolute suggestions for how to match-up employee expectations with particular company policies. The result? A fully compliant Employee Handbook.
  • Up-to-date and Compliant Contracts
    Do your employee contracts should work for you?We will ensure your contracts contain the latest policies, the clearest communication and above all protect your business and employees. We’ll update your contracts throughout your time with us so you’ll never need to worry about being caught out.
  • Intellectual Property Protection
    When the worst happens and employees choose to part ways with your company, you’re not just suffering from the loss of talent; you can be at risk of losing critical information and contacts to your competitors.Through carefully crafted clauses we safeguard the important assets that come with hiring skilled professionals. This is where contract protection delivers, our service will ensure that any intellectual property and intangible assets produced by all employees are legally protected. Through thorough, legally compliant contracts you can protect databases, contacts and on-going contracts with your hard-won clients.LinkedInDid you know that LinkedIn is a database you can protect? Connections made by employees during employment can be valuable to companies as contacts and prospects. These connections are protected by Authentic through distinct contract clauses. We will communicate clearly with employees that the connections made throughout their employment are the property of your business and not a social gain.This will help guide online activity in a way beneficial to you.In the unfortunate eventuality of a contract infringement we are able to produce Cease and Desist letters. Our service communicates these obligations effectively, making for a smooth process between employee resignation and departure all whilst protecting your valuable interests and property.
  • Unlimited Legal & HR advice
    Free yourself from the burden of unexpected legal costs. We will provide you with unlimited and direct access to an employment law solicitor who knows and understands the latest legal developments and your business. So whether it is advice on a dispute, promotion, redundancy or a disciplinary matter the guidance you need will be just a phone call away at no extra cost.

  • A Retention Review

    Did you know that there are a few small, low cost tweaks that you can make to employee contracts that will ensure better staff retention? Authentic will provide a full retention review and partner with you to create a soft benefits package that will help to keep your employees engaged throughout their service.