Sales Case Study

Placing a whole sales team

We have many success stories when it comes to placing sales people who drive their employer’sand team’s growth and achievement; one in particular stands out.

We were asked to source a technical sales team made up for a team leader and four executives for a brand new office in the Leeds area. To date our client only had a presence in the south of the country and was keen to gain a foothold in the north. Because we had a strong track record of placing ‘the right’ staff in their southern branch they came to us. From across the industry we utilised our contacts and recruitment prowess to pull together an A-team. The challenge was not only finding staff with the right skillset but also staff who would gel together and drive one another towards success.

We began by interviewing candidates from across the industry withproven leadership and a hands-on sales track record. Once we had found the right telesales manager who could lead by example we then set about building a team who would complement and thrive under their leadership. Within weeks the whole team was in place and ready to go.
We received a number of calls from candidates to let us know that the manager we placed was one of the best they had ever worked for. Our client was blown away by the success of the venture and couldn’t believe the sales figures coming in from their new Leeds office.