The way people approach employment has changed massively in the past two decades. To be competitive, businesses need a clear strategy not just to attract great talent, but also to retain it.

Exit interviews and employment surveys are great. The trouble is not here, but with employers' retention strategies. I.e., their responses to these insights.

If your strategy is effective, then your staff will be highly engaged with your company. The desire or need for new, outside employment will be absent.

Authentic has developed a model of staff retention based on empirical data and scientific research. CrewKit outlines a roadmap towards the successful recruitment, loyalty and investment of staff into companies of all sizes.

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You have plans for big growth. You're going to need developers. Great sales people. Marketing staff too. What are your options?

Maybe do it yourself? That would make a full-time job look like a teddy bear's picnic. What about hiring an internal recruiter? Possibly. However, what happens when they come across a role they can’t fill?

Also, how long would it take them to set up the necessary recruitment infrastructure to actually start finding candidates?

Would it not be better to have an experienced team handling it, with everything set up and ready so you can just get on with making hires?

Authentic can do this via IN-Recruit, enabling your growth plans by acting as your recruitment team, and for a fraction of the costs of an in-house team.

One Recruit

When you want to survey a house, you hire a surveyor and pay a deposit. When you work with a branding agency, you pay some money up front to secure your project on the board.

A deposit secures their time, attention and dedication. They can give this to you because of the guarantee of payment, and because you are working exclusively with them. No one else.

This is one of the best ways to work with a recruiter. Find one who specialises in your field. Check their reputation and then meet with them. If they tick your boxes, opt to work with them exclusively, putting a deposit down to ensure they give your role their full attention.

Authentic is a specialist recruiter in digital, tech and software roles within these industries in the UK.