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Party like it’s 1999!

Party like it’s 1999!

I grew up in the 90’s, a time of big, bright, bold colours. In 2018 design trends are heading back to powerful tones and high contrast.

What design trends can we expect in 2018?

Simplicity is the key for 2018 and this theme will weave through the next 12 months.

Expect to see less content-heavy web pages and layouts, and more click bait headlines and focused keywords. Instead of the reader having to trawl through text, there will be an emphasis on pulling out key points and using ‘cards’ rather than prose as described by our friends at Easy Website UK.

“users of today; they want their online journeys to be as short as possible, allowing them to find what they want quickly, and minimalist web designs, and the use of cards, allow that to happen.”

Bright, bold, strong colours, will complement and therefore, we will see more stand-out eye-catching blends.

A return to the 90’s would not be complete without a return to the world of gifs.

Giphy is going from strength-to-strength (read how Giphy has become the Google of the gif world). As a result, we will begin to see more gifs embedded in websites, social media posts, and emails.

Design for mobile

Furthermore, we will see an emphasis placed upon mobile design over desktop design. WordStream show us in their research that internet usage on mobile phones has now officially overtaken desktop and as a result designers will begin to primarily focus on mobile layout and content while desktop will take a back seat in priority.

Finally, as The Next Web points out, there will be a desire to see less polished corporate imagery.

“The problem is that the best generic images get overused by everyone”

As a result, we will see more company selfies, more action shots, and fewer stock images used in 2018.

As the need for design continues to grow so will the investment in overseas resources.

SaaS websites such as fiverr will continue to offer a lower cost alternative to the high-end prices that top home-based design agencies charge, but at what cost? As demand rises, so does price. As a result this opens up a market for low-cost alternatives, however, this is often at the expense of quality.

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