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SEO Career

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SEO Career

Moz describes SEO as the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website.  This is done by driving more organic search engine results.

Google use over 200 different rules in their search engine algorithm for deciding what ranking a web page appears at.  Search Engine Optimisation is the art of learning which of these rules has the most effect on your ranking position and applying it

Experience needed to be an SEO Guru

Throughout the day you will do various tasks, ranging in technical difficulty.

The main parts to the job are writing good quality content, and having an eye for detail on fault checking.  Due to the nature of Search Engine Optimisation many websites have not been built to best practices.  Your job will be to produce reports on clients websites and execute a plan of action to increase it's rating.

You will need to have experience in writing copy, showing a good understanding of English.  A background knowledge in website design would be an asset when working on more technical aspects of the discipline.

You must be able to prioritise a workflow and produce an action plan to show progress.

SEO Tools

Lots of tools exist to help increase a website search engine ranking position.

It would be worth familiarising yourself with the list if you have not heard of them all.

Working Environment

Many SEO positions exist in digital agencies who managed clients' websites.  These are typically grade A offices with a focus on a laid back culture and a modern view on work.

Salary expectations are between £18,000 for entry level, and £40,000 for SEO Managers.

Next Steps

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